PRODUCT: Himalayan salt stone


The recommended daily amount of salt is mostly covered by the food you eat on a daily basis. Therefore, it is unnecessary to add more salt to your food. To still be able to enjoy the nice salty taste, there is the Himalayan salt stone. This stone gives all your dishes a slightly salty taste and makes it unnecessary to add extra salt to your dishes! Himalaya zoutsteen

The salt stone is a hand-carved platter of Himalayan. The Himalayan salt has a very stable crystal structure, which allows it to hold a temperature very well. The mineral content in the salt gives it a more nuanced flavor than table salt, and the amount of saltiness it imparts varies with the type of food. Himalayan salt is also long-lasting and naturally antibiotic.

How to cook with it?
Heating your salt block is the most challenging part. The number one rule is to go slowly.. The slower you heat the block, the langer it will last! It will take about 35 minutes to heat.  When the block is 260 degrees Celsius, it’s ready to be used.

When your food is ready, remove the block with your spatula. You can leave the block on the burner and cook with it for several hours, scrapping of any accumulated food matter with a metal scraper or spatula as you go.

Before cleaning let your salt block cool down to room temperature. Moisten a sponge, cloth, or scouring pad. Do not use soap! Only water is sufficiently, but try to keep the block as dry as possible, so do not use to much water. The less water, the better.

Dry with a paper towel or clean cloth, and set on a drying rack. Treated with care, the salt block can provide many uses!